Welcome to Woven Pride!

Aloha and Welcome,


Thank you and mahalo for taking the time to visit us here at wovenpride.com! We are a military-family owned business that operates out of… the next up-and-coming location that the Air Force decides to send us.


While our families are originally from Kailua and Pearl City, Hawaii, two generations of military service have taken our families across the globe. As we traveled the vastness of the world we always found ourselves missing our collective ohana (both our Hawaii and military families, friends, and organizations) we were forced to leave behind, all who have significantly impacted our values, lifestyles, and behaviors.


We have an overflowing bucket of pride in the communities and individuals that have accepted us as their ohana and helped us to realize what is really important in life. We continually reminisce about the memories we’ve made with our military family and dream about the next opportunities to travel home and stock up on Hawaiian treats. This nostalgic atmosphere is the exact thing Woven Pride is built upon!


At Woven Pride we strive to offer you, our customer, high-quality products made in the United States that bring about emotions and feelings of pride, honor, joy, connection, familiarity, and comfort. Our goal is to help you display to the rest of the world what you truly value through apparel and accessories that help shine a spotlight on the communities, groups, and organizations you’re proud to be a part of, regardless of where you are currently in the world.


Therefore, our story only truly begins by helping you to continue yours! If you have an organization, or know of an organization, that you want featured on Woven Pride please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.relations@wovenpride.com and we will do our best respond within 24-48 hours and help you share your ‘roots’ with the rest of the world. Mahalo for your patronage and enjoy your time browsing our store!


With Warmest Aloha,

Michele & Chad