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The Pros of Feeling Like Part of a Team

Over thousands of years, people have gravitated to one another, creating communities that share common values and beliefs. It is actually human nature to form communities, groups, or teams. Over the last few years, more and more people are talking about the importance of teamwork. “Teamwork” can feel like a buzzword concept, but science has proven that there are enormous benefits for individuals who are part of (or even feel like they are part of) an organization or team. The most successful businesses in the world have a culture that makes employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, their work makes the “family” better and the organization an optimal place to “live.”

When you ask anyone what they love most about their work environment or the organization they are a part of, you will find that the most common answer is typically 'the people.' Each person has unique skills and talents that, when brought together to work towards a common goal, enable the team or organization to be stronger and more resilient. When teams work together, they can boost productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

When joining a team or organization, every individual is subconsciously searching for their place in the organization and looking for the best avenues to find a sense of belonging and embrace the experience of being part of the team. Belonging is what allows us to feel like we can be our most authentic selves and this can have a huge impact on our performance. Our team members can help us become a better version of ourselves and that sense of belonging is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

When we truly identify with a group, we start thinking and acting in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us’, instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’ -  and with this mentality we can accomplish greater results. So without further ado, here are some of the many benefits of being part of a team:

Teamwork boosts productivity 

The feeling of being part of a team motivates people to work harder. Colleagues and team-mates have the ability to inspire one another to do their best. When we are surrounded by individuals who share the same values as we do, we feel a greater sense of responsibility to perform well and accomplish our tasks. When we are forced to carry out projects or tasks by ourselves, it can be quite challenging, even if we have the necessary skills… self-motivation always seems to be an uphill climb.

With a team around us and with more hands on deck, we can be more productive and improve the quality of our output. Plus, it's quite obvious that a project worked on by only one person will take a longer time to accomplish than a collaborative effort. It’s also good to know that recognition and receiving kudos from other team members can definitely improve our productivity.

Fosters creativity, idea generation and learning

Spark Creativity

One important benefit of feeling like part of a team is the way group thinking boosts creativity. By involving more people, we will have, of course, more perspectives. Therefore, we have the opportunity to create multiple combinations of ideas. Creativity is a powerful tool that inspires people to thrive together.

When the team has some fresh ideas, they can brainstorm these ideas to come up with more effective and unique solutions. It can be a fun and enjoyable way to get some work done. Keep in mind that when people work together, they become more creative as comments from one person can spark ideas in another. And the fact that they can share these new ideas with the team continues the creative cycle. Last but not least, teamwork also fosters the possibilities of learning from one another. 

Provides support, trust, and confidence

Trust is “numero uno”! It’s so important to have good people around us, that we trust. Members of small teams (150 people or less) by nature provide support and always look after one another. Teammates stick up for each other and they are ready to provide a reassuring hand on the shoulder. They support us when we make mistakes and encourage us to achieve our goals. When it comes to employees, for example, the ones that have worked together longest have a greater amount of trust and therefore experience less stress.

Moreover, teamwork establishes strong relationships. When we are part of an effective team we share a strong bond and we put our trust in our teammates. Through trust, we basically set up the foundation of our relationships. It’s crucial to trust our teammates because otherwise, the team crumbles. Trusting our team also gives us a feeling of safety and it helps us to open up.

Another benefit of feeling like part of a team is having more confidence. When we have people around us that recognize our contributions and accomplishments, it builds our self-confidence. You have to admit, it feels great when someone tells us we did a good job.

There’s no doubt that feeling and being part of a team is rewarding. Trust, confidence, friendship, and support are all elements that define the attitude and effectiveness of a team. The shared values and common culture found in small teams are made even stronger when displayed for the rest of the world. When you are proud of your team and its accomplishments, it feels even better when you can share it with others. 

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